SPAIN - a Screenwriting Workshop in

Costa Blanca, Spain, with JILL MURPHY LONG

Dates: April 2-8, 2022

Medium: Screenwriting

Price: $ 2,995

Jill Murphy Long is a successful director, writer,  producer, and screenwriter in Portland, Oregon. Jill wrote her first book at age seven for her younger sister and has been working with words ever since. From Creative Director and Copywriter to Author and Book Editor, she loves to write and also help others see their dreams come alive on paper and the big screen. 

Jill writes, directs and produces films based on the ethics of Justice, Mercy, and Love. Since 2015, she has produced more than 25 short films that are being recognized on the international film festival circuit. Please read more about Jill on the About Us page.


Prepared to be inspired! 

Learn from this award-winning author and filmmaker how to start, stay with it, and finish - no matter what form your story takes. From audio books to e-books and printed book series to short films, documentary and feature films, Jill Murphy Long has put pen to paper on all of these professional productions and delivered quality projects. As a former English and Creative Writing Instructor and Book Editor, Jill will motivate and guide you to your next or your first creation. 

  • Mornings will be reserved for screenwriting lectures.  

  • Afternoons for day-trips to capture life on paper as it happens. 

  • Evenings will be a time to share. 


Come be motivated by Jill Murphy Long, a professional writer of books and screenplays. 

Come be inspired by the culture and beauty of Spain. 

Join us! 



Tour: Screenwriter's workshop

Dates: April 2-8, 2022

TeacherJill Murphy Long

Lodging: Three star lodging in Costa Blanca

Closest airport: Valencia

Price: $ 2,995 per person

Price includes

5 days screenwriting instruction

6 night lodging double occupancy

All excursions, museum entrances and other programs during the week.

All transportation including pick up at the airport in Valencia

6 breakfasts, 3 dinners

Wine with dinner

Single supplement: $ 595

Not included:

Airline tickets

Transportation to and from your departure airport

Any pre-tour hotel costs

Travel insurance

Meals not listed above



The Costa Blanca area has over 200 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline on the southeastern coast of Spain. Visitors to this region are spoilt for choice - the destinations are beautiful, varied, and diverse.

The Northern part of the coast has a dramatic mountain range running alongside the sea. The southern part is a fertile valley with palm trees bordering the crystal-clear sea.


We will be staying in an area which is covered with stepped orchards, fields of almond trees, vineyards, and fruit trees. Our excursions will go to the many charming villages, full of traditional Spanish culture.

Costa Blanca is truly a spectacular part of Spain in terms of nature and culture, and with an interesting and rich Moorish history.


Jill Murphy Long writes, directs, and produces films based on the ethics of Justice, Mercy and Love. Her nine, completed screenplays and more than 30 inspirational, short films spotlight environmental and societal injustices while delivering engaging, heartfelt entertainment.


Due to Jill’s creative vision, authentic voice, research and efficiency, her films awaken and inspire discussion and action. Since Jill is also an avid skier, mountain biker, and explorer of the outdoor world, she is determined to protect and preserve our home - and does so through her narratives. All of her scripts and sets are “green”.


Since establishing JML Films in 2015, Jill and her casts and crews have received accolades and awards from the national and international circuit including: Covellite International Film Festival, Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (South Africa), Festival de Cortometrajes Jose Francisco Rosado (Spain), Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Golden State Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, Near Nazareth Film Festival (Israel), New York State International Film Festival, Portland Comedy Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, The Director’s Chair Film Festival, Top Indie Film Awards (Canada), etc.

Reel & Sample Work at   




To view the books that Jill has edited with other aspiring authors, please visit Editor at Linkedin.  

Available as e-books, audio or printed.



While the acronym JML is the founder's initials, it also stands for the ethics of Justice, Mercy, and Love, on which JML Films LLC was built. Our mission is to use story in order to spotlight environmental and societal injustices.

Executive Producer Jill Murphy Long writes, directs, and produces films to intrigue, inspire, and awaken. She writes “green” scripts and runs “green” film sets.

Her scripts are also female-centric; evident in the two, feature films now in development: Chance Day and MELTDOWN Based on True Events.

Currently, JML Films is being recognized on the national and international film festival circuit.


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