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SWEDEN - a Creative Writing workshop in beautiful Stockholm, with JILL MURPHY LONG

Send in your deposit today to ensure a spot in this unique workshop!

Please note that this is the only workshop that Jill will give in Europe in 2019. Space is limited.

We are fortunate to have Jill Murphy Long teach a Creative Writing workshop in Stockholm in June of 2019. Jill wrote her first book at age seven for her younger sister and has been working with words ever since. From Creative Director and Copywriter to Author and Book Editor, she loves to write and also help others see their dreams come alive on paper and the big screen. 


Jill also writes, directs and produces films based on the ethics of Justice, Mercy, and Love. Since 2015, she has produced more than 25 short films that are being recognized on the international film festival circuit.

Please read more about Jill on the About Us page.


Bring your manuscript or script, your blank journal, or just your ideas and be prepared to be inspired. Learn from this award-winning author and filmmaker how to start, stay with it, and finish - no matter what form your story takes. From audio books to e-books and printed book series to short films, documentary and feature films, Jill Murphy Long has put pen to paper on all of these professional productions and delivered quality projects. As a former English and Creative Writing Instructor and Book Editor, Jill will motivate and guide you to your next or your first creation. 

  • Mornings will be reserved for writing and quiet introspection plus creative writing lectures.  

  • Afternoons for day-trips to capture life on paper as it happens. 

  • Evenings will be a time to share. 


Come be motivated by Jill Murphy Long, a professional writer of books and screenplays. 

Come be inspired by the beauty of Sweden. 

Join us! Book now. Limited space.


Jill's running husband, Greg S. Long, collegiate 1500-meter runner, marathoner, and track coach for the last two decades will be leading runs (and hikes) for your traveling friend or significant other.

Please mention if your friend or spouse like to participate in this program when you make your reservation.


Courtesy Henrik Trygg/


Tour: Stockholm Creative Writing

Dates: June 1-8, 2019

TeacherJill Murphy Long

LodgingHotel Stallmästaregården

Closest airport: Stockholm

Price: $ 2,995 per person

Price includes

6 days creative writing instruction

7 night lodging double occupancy

All excursions, museum entrances and other programs during the week.

All transportation including pick up at the airport in Stockholm

7 breakfasts, 3 dinners

1 glass of wine with dinner

Single supplement: $ 595

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is often called the "Venice" of Scandinavia. The beautiful city is built on 14 islands and is surrounded by water everywhere you go. The city is known for its beauty and its closeness to nature. It is not uncommon to see people riding horses as well as stand up paddle boarding on the waters surrounding the capital.

Its 750 years old "Gamla Stan" (Old Town), one of the best preserved medieval city centers of Europe, breathes history with its many narrow streets and old buildings, among them is the Royal Palace, one of the largest palaces in the world, with 600 rooms. 


Often referred to as the capital of the whole Scandinavian region, Stockholm is home to a thriving business scene, innovation, design, culture, and it will not be hard to find inspiration to create and to write in this gorgeous Nordic city on the water.


Lodging: Hotel Stallmästaregården

Stallmästaregården is an intimate boutique hotel and inn, located off the Royal Haga Park and Brunnsviken. The hotel is surrounded by a peaceful and tranquil environment with magnificent scenery while at the same time close to the city's pulse. The restaurant has a long gastronomic heritage and is designed in warm copper tones. The food has an emphasis on traditional kitchen with exciting new Swedish flavors. The hotel breathes both history and contemporary design in a tasteful combination and here you will find writing inspiration and also relaxation in the idyllic and historic atmosphere.

Itinerary for Creative Writing Workshop Tour in Stockholm, Sweden

With Daily Excursions to Inspire!


We’re so excited about our June 1-8, 2019 trip and do hope you are booking your spot soon to Sweden with us. Below are some of the wonderful moments that we’re creating for you! And we also included a few interesting tidbits about the wonderful country of Sweden. Upon receiving your deposit, we’ll email the Creative Writing Daily Schedule. Join us!


Day 1! Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tour of Stockholm


On our first day in Sweden, we’ll start with a slower morning to introduce you to your writing week and with time to rest, rejuvenate, and write at our beautiful historic hotel Stallmästaregården.


Enjoy its beautiful grounds and waterway before we embark on our sightseeing tour of the capitol, Stockholm. In this afternoon, we’ll take in all of its architectural and cultural glory. We’ll end the day at Stadshuset and climb the steps of city hall to a fantastic view of this city called the “Venice” of Northern Europe.


After an early dinner, we’ll return to our hotel for our nightly recap of the day at our exclusive and private Writers’ Salon.


Swedish Tidbit

Did you know that Sweden is a monarch with King Carl the 16th Gustaf as the Regent? His oldest daughter, Princess Victoria, is first in line to the throne.



Day 2! Sunday, June 2, 2019

Tour of Old Town


Each day will start with breakfast at the hotel and your own quiet Morning Writing Session at one of the comfortable spots at the hotel—or outside on the private lawn or dock.


Mid-mornings will be your “Fika” & Creative Writing Lecture given by Jill Murphy Long.


These sessions will be both inspirational and instructive with advice and suggestions from this seasoned professional writer. Bring your manuscript, your script, your blank journal, or just your ideas. All levels of writers are welcome.


In the afternoon, we’re off to see the center of Stockholm, the Royal Palace and the Royal Gardens of Kungsträdgården, followed with a walking and writing tour of Old Town.


Dinner this evening will be at another one of Stockholm's reputable restaurants and afterwards, we’ll return to our hotel for our evening Writers’ Salon where we can read our work aloud in a supportive environment, listen to others’ work, and discuss the craft of writing.


Swedish Tidbit

Swedes love their “fika” their coffee or tea time with pastries, and make sure they sit down for this at least four to five times each day. (What is their secret for staying so slim?!)



Day 3! Monday, June 3, 2019

Train to Mariefred


After putting pen-to-paper in your favorite new writing spot and your daily “Fika” & Creative Writing Lecture to keep you writing, we’re off by train to the hamlet of Mariefred for more breathtaking views, gourmet tastes, and exploratory tours of beautiful Sweden. We’ll even see a grand castle, the Gripsholms Castle.


With a relaxing train ride back to Central Station in Stockholm and dinner at our hotel, you’ll be ready to share again at our nightly Writers’ Salon. You’re invited to share your writing, thoughts on writing, and your questions. This will be a safe space to explore what it means to be a writer – in whatever format your story takes.


Swedish Tidbit

We chose Sweden as our destination due to the fact that there are more than eighteen hours of daylight in Stockholm in early June. In December, there are only six hours of daylight in Stockholm.



Day 4! Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Boat to the Archipelago


Since many writers have discovered that spending time in nature is an excellent way to hear your story inside your head, we’ll begin with our daily “Fika” & Creative Writing Lecture al fresco.


For this afternoon of inspiration, we’ll go to the water and depart for the docks at Nybrokajen. By boat, we’ll taxi to the closest archipelago island of Fjäderholmarna and experience this incredible beauty to write and wander.

This lovely day will conclude with dinner at a local restaurant and our nightly Writers’ Salon. Maybe we’ll invite our traveling companions to be part of our audience? Or not...


Swedish Tidbit

Did you know that the Swedes invented?

  • the zipper

  • Dynamite (Alfred Nobel)

  • Skype

  • Minecraft

  • Spotify


Day 5! Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Nature Tour


After our morning of writing, let nature be your guide today as you explore and write in the magnificent park just outside of Stockholm, DjurgårdenOur Creative Writing Lecture will be held here in the park today with writing exercises and prompts provided.


Keep a look-out for any of our runners. This is probably where they’ll spend a lot their time exploring. We do hope you bring a lot of friends to join Greg S. Long on his motivational talks and daily runs and hikes around the parks, forests, and islands of Sweden.


We’ll dine out tonight and then we’ll reconvene for our nightly Writers’ Salon back at the hotel.


Swedish Tidbit

In 2015, Sweden was ranked as the most sustainable country in the world. Be sure to do your part while visiting and bring your reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.



Day 6! Thursday, June 6, 2019

Today is the Swedish National Holiday!


After our daily morning of quiet reflection and writing, we’ll take to the festive streets to partake in all of this merriment with writing prompts to employ during the day. The national holiday is celebrated all over the country. We are fortunate to be in Stockholm, which will be the center of events with parades, folk dancing and other festivities taking place. If we are lucky we might even catch a glimpse of the Royal Family on their way to participate in the celebration.


Once you’ve had a chance to enjoy the festivities, our Creative Writing Lecture today will be held outdoors in the afternoon.


After we savor the extra sunlight and our new friendships late into the evening, we’ll retire to our hotel in order to be ready for our last full day in Sweden.


Swedish Tidbit

The tradition of celebrating the National Holiday on June 6th began in 1916 at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, in honor of the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, as this was considered the foundation of modern Sweden.



Day 7! Friday, June 7, 2019

Tour of Skeppsholmen and Museums


You’ll start your day writing at one of the perfect little corners at our beautiful hotel and then all of us will meet up to learn more about the craft of writing at our daily “Fika” & Creative Writing Lecture.


By the afternoon, we’ll be headed to the island of Skeppsholmen, which is a beautiful part of Stockholm. Also, be sure to take some time to sit at one of the outdoor cafes overlooking the water to write and reflect.

Here, we can also tour one of the interesting museums: the Modern Museum or the newly-renovated National Gallery


For our farewell dinner, we’ll dine at our hotel, which by now you’ll know why it’s renowned for its exquisite cuisine.


We’ll reconvene for our final Writers’ Salon and share memories to last a lifetime. May they always be safe in your journal –

or perhaps forever preserved in your new book or film?

Day 7! Saturday, June 8, 2019

“Adjö, min vän!”

On our last day in Sweden, there will still be time to squeeze more words in your journal after breakfast and before departing for the airport.


With new ideas and creative inspiration, may you find your way as the writer you wish to become.


Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey!


P.S. I will be emailing all writers a Recommended Book List for you to select title and bring a book along with you to read on your journey. At our final shared meal, we’ll exchange books for the ride home.


  • Admissions included in this package.

  • Transportation to and from excursions included in this package.

  • Meals included are breakfasts, mid-morning “fikas” and three dinners with a glass of wine are included in this package. While out on our daily tours, lunch and dinner recommendations will be suggested.


We reserve the right to change the itinerary, including changing daily excursions, lunch or restaurants choices, events and activities.




To view the books that Jill has edited with other aspiring authors, please visit Editor at Linkedin.  

Available as e-books, audio or printed.



While the acronym JML is the founder's initials, it also stands for the ethics of Justice, Mercy, and Love, on which JML Films LLC was built. Our mission is to use story in order to spotlight environmental and societal injustices.

Executive Producer Jill Murphy Long writes, directs, and produces films to intrigue, inspire, and awaken. She writes “green” scripts and runs “green” film sets.

Her scripts are also female-centric; evident in the two, feature films now in development: Chance Day and MELTDOWN Based on True Events.

Currently, JML Films is being recognized on the national and international film festival circuit.


To view teasers, trailers, and posters, please visit:

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