COLORADO Hiking & Sketching in the Rocky Mountains


In 2020 we will offer three “Hiking & Sketching” programs, during the months of August and September, in Colorado. This is the height of summer in the Colorado mountains, the weather is usually warm, most of the crowds are gone and the wildflowers are often still blooming! Pick from one of three levels; from Level 1 with limited hiking to Level 3 which includes up to five hours of hiking each day.

All levels include getting to beautiful spots where we will be able to sketch / paint vistas over mountains, valleys, peaks, rivers, streams and lakes - and wildflowers.


We will also visit one of the many old gold- and silver-mining towns in the area. Here we will be able to choose to sketch / paint historic buildings, old saloons, colorfully painted Victorian houses, and other remnants from the Gold Rush era.

For all programs, you will reach beautiful spots with breathtaking views over the landscape. For the Level 1 programs we will drive to our locations and do short hikes to get to our spot where we set up to draw, sketch and paint. For Level 3 hikes, we want to carry as little as possible and will focus mainly on sketching and painting using mini palettes. Level 2 will be something in between: some days we will drive almost all the way to the locations, other days will require a shorter hike, usually not longer than 1-2 hours each way. All groups will have plenty of time to create masterpieces along the hiking trail!


Media: Sketching and watercolors

Suitable artistic level: Intermediate and up

Fitness level: Basic fitness required for all three programs. You should be able to hike for five hours for Level 3 programs.

High altitude: We will sketch at altitudes from 7,000 feet to 12,000 feet (2.000 – 3.700 meters).

If you are arriving from lower altitudes, please plan on getting to the location at least 24 hours in advance to start acclimating to the altitude.

For all levels: We will be in the mountains where the weather can change fast. We will pack lightly in backpacks and be ready to move and switch locations quickly in case of inclement weather.

Note: No art instruction is given on these trips. The program is suitable for intermediate and advanced artists who want to explore a new location, find inspiration in the mountains, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow artists.

Recommended materials to bring: Sketchbook with at least 135 lb paper, pencils, ink pens, a light weight palette, paint brushes, water container. You can also bring a water brush, for example: Pentel Aquash Brush.  

Happy Hours: We will arrange for a Happy Hour a couple of afternoons, where we will meet over a glass of wine and share our artwork.

Scenes from our 2019 Hiking & Sketching program.

Preview of Scenery for Hiking & Sketching Program.



Level 1: “Colorado Views”

Level: 1 (very easy)

Hiking: 30-45 minutes/each way/day

Dates: August 31-September 4 

Program: We will do short hikes to get to scenic spots to sketch or paint the Colorado mountains. You need to be able to carry your art supplies, a camping chair, lunch (included) and water.

We will spend 2-3 hours in the morning sketching/painting, then break for lunch. In the afternoon we will spend another 2-3 hours sketching/painting in a new spot before we start to head back. 

Level 2: “High Altitude Sketching/Painting”

Level: 2 (easy-moderate)

Hiking: 1-2 hours of hiking / each way / day 

Dates: September 8-12

Program: This is our “mid-level” program which will consist of short hikes, around 1-2 hours, which will take us to spectacular scenery, without having to hike for many hours. At our destination, we will set up our art materials and start to capture the beauty in front of us. We will break for lunch in the middle of the day and will hike to a second spot after our lunch break. Another 2-3 hours of painting follows, before we return to our hotel!

Level 3: "Sketching in Hiking Boots” SOLD OUT

Level: 3 (moderate)

Hiking: Up to 5 hours/day

Dates: August 1-5

Program: We leave early in the morning to arrive at our destination where we will start our first hike. After about an hour of hiking, we will set up our light-weight camp chairs, and our sketching materials and start to capture the panorama around us. We’ll sketch for about an hour and then continue on the trail. After another hour of walking in spectacular scenery we will stop again, get our materials out and draw and sketch for about another hour. We’ll break for lunch during one of our stops. 




Tours will be offered during the following dates:

August 1-5

August 31-September 4

September 8-12

Day 1: Arrival

Day 2, 3, 4: Hiking & Sketching Program

Day 5: Departure



PRICE: $625 / person

Price includes:

  • Three days of guiding to sketching / hiking spots

  • Daily box lunches

  • One afternoon Happy Hour with apps and a glass of wine

  • Use of a light-weight camp chair

  • Gondola tickets, where required

  • Any museum entrances



If you are from out-of-town and need lodging, please check with us. We will set up group discount at a chosen hotel, to be announced.

You can also choose to reserve lodging in a hotel or condo of your liking, independent of where the group will stay.


Please fill out the Reservation Form. If you have questions, please feel free to send us an email to:


If you are unsure about what level would suit you, please let us know. We might be able to adjust the level of the tour, according to the fitness level of the participants.

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