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ITALY - Painting our way through the Italian Lakes area with PAUL BIRCHAK

Paul Birchak has taught painting, drawing, sculpture art classes and workshops for over twenty years. He will lead our tour to this alluring area of northern Italy. Beginning each day, Paul will demonstrate his unique vision and share his artistic goals for the day. As Paul’s background includes teaching many different art forms, he will be available to guide students along their chosen artistic path, regardless of the medium chosen; acrylics, oil painting, watercolors or drawing. Through Paul’s personal attention to student’s goals, participants will be able to learn to draw and paint in plein-air in one of the most charming places in Europe.

This trip is suitable for all levels of artists – complete beginners to accomplished artists.

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Trip: Italian Lakes District

Dates: April 13-20, 2020

Teacher: Paul Birchak

Meeting Point: Milan Airport

Hotel: Small hotel along the shores of Lake Maggiore

Excursions: Stresa, Como, Bellagio, Orta San Giulio, Isola Madre, Villa Carlotta

Price and other details will be announced in November 2019

To sign up, please email your name and contact information to

Attn. Lo Mathews. 

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Limited number of spots available.


Paul will take us to the finest spots along the shores of the picturesque Italian Lakes. The region is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Europe and is a haven for artists of all kinds.


We will explore the many lakeside towns, with its Renaissance architecture, Italian villas and terraced gardens. Our base will be the southwest corner of the peaceful Lake Maggiore, from where we will go on daily excursions to visit towns, villas, churches and gardens. Since we are in a lake district, some days we will do our exploring by ferry, other days by minibus.

The many islands in Lake Maggiore has some of the most magnificent gardens in all of Europe. One of the highlights will be visiting Isola Bella, with its Baroque palace, and its impressive fragrant gardens where white peacocks wander freely around.


Under Paul’s guidance, we will be able to explore both traditional and modern techniques while visiting many of these charming towns and villages.


Widely considered one of the prettiest areas of Europe, the Italian Lakes area was once a playground for nobility and royals, visible in the many palaces and castles dotting the lake shores.


There are five major lakes in the Italian Lakes district: Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Como, Lake Iseo and Lake Garda – and each has its own particular character. 

Lake Maggiore was once the home of Ernest Hemingway. This is where he found inspiration to write “A Farewell to Arms”. It seems like not much has changed since that time; Lago Maggiore is still a peaceful oasis with a wonderful temperate climate year-round.

Lake Como is more of an upscale resort area with many lakeside historic towns, and with a scenic setting by the foothills of the Swiss and Italian Alps. One of the most famous towns in Lake Como is Bellagio, known for its Italian villas, terraced gardens and cobblestone streets.

The Italian Lakes area has a mesmerizing, timeless beauty where we will find endless inspiration to design, generate and create art. 

If you would like more information about this trip, please contact Lo Mathews (tour guide) or Paul Birchak  (instructor). We hope you can join us on this exciting art adventure!