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Welcome to Alpine Creative Tours.
Please find below our 2025 European workshop program.
(More workshops are coming.) Please go to the Reservation Form to sign up for a workshop.

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Please note that this website is currently being updated with 2025 workshops. 

2025 workshop program:

Luberon, Provence, France

In April of 2025 we will return to the gorgeous area of Luberon for two new workshops. The first one will be a watercolor plein air workshop taught by Anita Winter, April 19-26, 2025. This workshop is open to all levels, sketchers and painters alike. The second workshop is still being developed, more info will follow. Both groups will enjoy the spectacular scenery of Provence with its fields of poppies and lavender, the beautiful hill-top villages, and the wonderful food. We love this area and are excited to take groups to enjoy Provence again! 

Provence Workshop 1: Painting for Travelers

Dates: April 19 - 26, 2025

Instructors: Anita Winter

Medium: Watercolor painting, sketching

Price: $3,850 after $200 Early Bird Discount (until 11/30/24) 

Provence Workshop 2: TBD 

Dates: April 26 - May 3, 2025

Instructor: TBD

Medium: TBD 

Price: $3,850 after $200 Early Bird Discount (until 11/30/2024)

Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Seasoned art instructors Kathleen Lanzoni and Karen Ramsay will teach one workshop each in 2025 in this beautiful part of Italy. Widely considered one of the prettiest areas of Europe, the Italian Lakes area was once a playground for nobility and royals, visible in the many palaces dotting the lake shores. We will be staying in the beautiful town of Bellagio, often called "the Pearl of Lake Como" situated by the foothills of the Swiss and Italian Alps.
Kathleen Lanzoni will instruct a watercolor plein air workshop and Karen Ramsay will teach a watercolor travel sketchbook journaling workshop.

Lake Como Workshop 1: The Lake Como Experience

Dates: May 24 - 31, 2025

Instructors: Kathleen Lanzoni

Medium: Watercolor plein air painting

Price: $3,990 after $200 Early Bird Discount (until 11/30/24) 

Lake Como Workshop 2: Painting Lake Como in Watercolor

Dates: May 31 - June 7, 2025

Instructors: Karen Ramsay

Medium: Watercolor Sketchbook Journaling

Price: $3,990 after $200 Early Bird Discount (until 11/30/24) 

Stockholm and Dalarna, Sweden

Summer is the best time to visit Sweden, to take advantage of the midnight sun. In June and July, you will have daylight about 20-24 hours each day depending on what part of the country you are in. Plenty of time to paint and create art! This workshop will be a Watercolor Travel Sketchbook workshop where we will learn how to quickly capture images while we visit Stockholm, the capital, its world famous archipelago, and “Sweden in Miniature” the culture rich area of Dalarna.

​More information on this workshop will follow at the end of August, 2024.

Workshop: Midnight Sun of Sweden

Dates: Early summer 2025

Instructors: John Keeling

Medium: Watercolor Travel Sketchbook 

Price: TBD

Mallorca, Spain

The island of Mallorca has always attracted painters, writers, poets, musicians and other artists. Frederic Chopin, George Sands, Joan Miro and Robert Graves have all lived here. The island and its capital, Palma, are overflowing with character, and our base will be the small town of Valldemossa, located in the middle of the Tramuntana mountain range. From here, we do daily excursions around the island to capture sights and scenery to paint.

​More information on this workshop will follow shortly.



This workshop is a combined Knitting & Nature Journaling workshop. Scotland has the most remarkable diversity of a landscape; mountainous terrain and broad plateau areas, and lowlands with hills. The landscape is dotted with fairytale castles and the scenery of the coastal areas is truly breathtaking. Add its fascinating history and you get one of the most inspiring countries to visit in Europe. More info will follow.

We are also planning workshops to Japan and to the Lofoten Islands, located north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. More info will follow.

Please make sure you are on our email list for future updates.

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