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Feedback from clients that have traveled with us

What a fabulous trip. I am still enjoying the memories. I want to thank you for all you did. You worked so hard to see everything went perfect and it certainly did. The hotels, restaurants, tours, villages we visited, sites to paint, Rome bridges, to the finest detail. You were perfect. 


It was as close to perfect as a travel experience could be. 


We are glad to be home, but have such incredible great memories of France, especially of the time in the Luberon with you and the group.  You truly did such a great job planning for the group!  I really hope we can all do this again! 


I have high recommendations for Lo Mathews when it comes to organizing group tours & travel. She has worked in the travel industry for most of her life and knows the ins and out of the business. Her capacity to run multiple projects simultaneously is remarkable, and she always manages to deliver on time. She has unlimited energy and excels when it comes to coordinating the many details involved in planning tours and travel agendas.


I think many of us are still walking on a fluffy cloud of beautiful memories of our recent time in Provence.  Your hours and hours of planning and preparation for this trip, as well as your attention to detail, energetic spirit and lovely smile, created an experience that I will consider one of the peaks! 


Thank you for organizing such a great experience. You planned a wonderful itinerary and I couldn't ask for better hotel and food options. 


I will give you the highest recommendation.  


The trip was a bargain, and every service — lodging, food, instruction, transportation — was first class.  In fact, the whole experience struck that difficult balance of excellence without ostentation.

I would have to give you and Alpine Creative Tours an A+. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and I would follow you anywhere. 


If Lo touches something within tourism it has got quality beyond the usual. Her experience from worldwide travelling sets the level and only the gems remain. Alpine Creative Tours have got not just the right destinations but the best programs for anyone who wants an active holiday.


The picnics you arranged were great: quick and casual, light, and a good opportunity for comparing notes with the rest of the group.



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