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Reservations are made by filling out the Reservation Form, found here. Please make sure that you check availability with us prior to making your reservation. There is a limited number of participants on our trips, reservations will be made on a first come, first serve basis. Once the minimum number of participants have signed up, we will start a wait-list. Please do not make airline reservations or make any other travel preparations until you have received a confirmation from us that the minimum number of participants have signed up for your tour.





A reservation form and your deposit of $600 per person is due:

For spring and summer workshops and retreats: by November 30, 2023

For fall (from September) workshops and retreats: by January 31, 2024

or at the time of making the reservation.

Deposits are nonrefundable.

Final balance is due:

110 days prior to the trip except for Mallorca workshops.

Painting Mallorca in Watercolor workshop: Final payment due 3/15/24.

Full payment can also be made at the time of making the reservation. Payments can be made with a check or a credit card. We will charge a 3.5% transaction fee if paying with a credit card. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if final payment is not received by the due date. 


All tour prices are based on double occupancy and include the services specified in the itineraries. Prices do not include airline tickets, transportation to and from your departure airport, any pre-tour hotel costs, passport fees, vaccinations where required, meals not listed in the itineraries or personal expenses such as laundry, medical insurance, or communications.




Cancellations must be made in writing. Our terms & conditions, including cancellation policies, will not be affected by any travel advisories issued by the US or the countries included in your tour, including war or terrorism, any disease or natural disasters. In such cases, cancellation penalties will remain in effect.

Cancellation Fees:

All workshops except Painting Mallorca in Watercolor workshop:

Days before departure    Cancellation fee per person

110 or more                      $600

91-109                               $600 and 50% of final payment

71-90                                 $600 and 75% of final payment

0-70                                   100% of the total tour price

Painting Mallorca in Watercolor workshop cancellation policy:

The Painting Mallorca in Watercolor workshop needs to be paid in full by 3/15/24. In case you decide to cancel the workshop after that date you will need to file a claim with your travel insurance company for a refund as full non-refundable payments have already been made to the vendors in Mallorca at that point.

Cancellations made by us:

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a trip due to insufficient number of participants or for another reason, we will try to notify you well in advance of the start of the tour. However, we reserve the right to cancel any tour for any reason at any time prior to departure. If we have to cancel a tour, a full refund will be given. Such refund will be Alpine Creative Tours’ entire liability to you with respect to the cancelled tour. We will not be responsible for refunding airline tickets, pre-tour hotels, insurance costs or any other expenses incurred by participants while preparing for a tour.



No refunds will be given for any unused or partially used services while on the tour.




Many countries require that your passport will be valid an additional 3-6 months after you finish your travel. Please make sure you check the expiration date of your passport in plenty of time before your trip starts. ACT will not reimburse any part of the tour cost to a participant who must cancel a trip due to not having a valid passport or visa.


We require that all participants are fully vaccinated (in accordance with CDC guidelines) against COVID-19, Omicron and any other available pandemic vaccine.


We require that you obtain travel insurance to cover medical emergencies, trip cancellation, lost or ruined baggage etc.

If you need coverage for pre-existing conditions you should sign up for insurance within 14 days of sending us the initial deposit.

If you add additional components to your itinerary, please make sure you notify the travel insurance company within 14 days of adding on the additional components.

If you want to purchase the "Cancel for any reason" clause, most insurance companies also stipulate that you purchase and pay for the insurance within 14 days of making the first workshop payment. 

Keep in mind that even with an insurance policy in place, there might be benefit limits as to to what insurance companies will cover. Should you get sick (with COVID or another illness) while in Europe and be needing hospital care and / or be quarantined, travel insurances might not cover all your expenses. There might be monetary limits or there could be caps on how many days they will cover (for example during a quarantine situation).

Be sure to read the fine print and make sure you understand exactly what is covered. Please understand that it would be your responsibility to pay any extra expenses that you would have above the insurance coverage.


Please do not make airline reservations or make any other travel preparations until you have received a confirmation from us that the minimum number of participants have signed up for your tour. When making your airline reservations please remember the time difference – in most cases you will need to depart 1-2 days prior to the start of the tour.

We do not recommend purchasing non-refundable airline tickets, as we will not assume responsibility for any loss incurred by such airline tickets.


We will do our best to match single travelers who would like to share a room with someone of the same gender.

In the event that one of our art teachers becomes ill and won’t be able to attend or instruct a workshop, we will use every effort to obtain a suitable substitute. In this situation the workshop will proceed as planned.




Alpine Creative Tours and their agents act only in the capacity of agents in all matters pertaining to hotel accommodations, sightseeing tours and transportation. Alpine Creative Tours is not liable for any damage, loss (including but not limited to personal injury, loss of enjoyment, distress, death and property loss), expense or inconvenience caused by any act, omission or default of any supplier providing tour services or by any other person or reason whatsoever or by any delays or changes in the itinerary, or the acts and omissions of the tour leader/host or travel agent.


Alpine Creative Tours assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries, inconveniences, illness, irregularity or incidental damages occasioned by circumstances beyond the control of the tour operator, or by any person or reason whatsoever, including but not limited to events such as strikes, revolts, wars, terrorism, disease, natural disasters, weather, closures of airports, delays, hotels, or included sites, default or omission of any common or private carrier.


Alpine Creative Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour at any time, to decline or not retain any person as a member of the tour for any cause at any time and to make changes in the published itinerary if needed.

If Alpine Creative Tours has to cancel a tour due to events such as country lockdowns, strikes, revolts, wars, terrorism, disease, natural disasters, weather, closure of airports, delays, Alpine Creative Tours will make our best effort to obtain refunds on vendor deposits and will refund clients accordingly minus any administrative expenses.

Please note that we charge 3.5% if paying with a credit card!

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